Everyone loves a curvy girl in tight jeans, right?

My Place
Home Pink Home

So this is my home. (Yes I really do live on a boat!).

For my first item I’m going to look at a new designer to me, ᴋɪᴛᴊᴀ (kitja.rexie) Eve Jeans (in black). She does some awesome things with pants and jeans and really gets some of the curves, without overdoing it.

Full Shot 1
Ready for summer; Skin tight black jeans, cropped red top and white heels.

Textures look really fine and detailed across the front.

Full Shot 2 (rear)
Rear view showing cutaway back (no bra here!)

The rear looks cool too, no sign of exaggerated butt lines here.

Rear ass view
Sexy ass! Just the right amount of junk, in this trunk

Look at the lines on the backs of the thighs. These are just SO cool, it’s almost exactly how I look in RL!

Rear ass 2
Dangerous Curves Ahead

So the shoes? Well these are by one of my favourite designers, Senzati0n Domenitzo (Essenz) “Phoenix” (slink high) in white. She really hits the spot with these sexy, summer heels that look cool with jeans, or hot with a short summer dress (more on those later!)

Hot Feet
Foxy white heels
Hot feet 2
Nice detail on the jean cuff

Her work is nicely detailed, but always at a great price. It’s why I have SO much of her stuff!

So finally on to the top. This is a little bit of a different thing for me, but it does look cool. It’s by Genkai Tesla (yani.tryce) (Le Primitif)  OpenBack Crop in Berry and

Top Rear
Neat detail in the backless section. Little alpha poke is my only criticism.
Top Front
Lovely bra-less look to the front. Hey if we’re not all fake, it DOES look like this!

It has a nice, no-bra look to it (so many tops seem to have boobs in zero-gravity!). This one is clearly meant to be worn without a bra and so the front shows this well.

To finish up, my skin is LAQ ~ Vilda [Peach] and my hair is Truth Bexley –  light blondes. Enjoy xx


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