Hey, I’m Karina and Secondlife Fashion is my hobby.


I’m Karina. I’m a SecondLife fashion chic (whore, some may say!) but I love, love, LOVE the things some of these talented creators do. I’m a curvy / plus model in RL, but personally I think I look like a woman was intended. I work out, I’m fit and healthy – I just got dangerous curves!

I live on a pink boat in Ragdoll. You should come see me, I love to meet new people.

Laid Back
I have a huge SecondLife wardrobe. Outfits for all occasions, from hanging out on a Sunday afternoon…

All of me is real, nothing was implanted (intentionally or accidentally!). I hope you like my journey into the funky, addictive world of SecondLife fashion!

...to being a total slut on date night.
…to being a total slut on date night.








and everything in-between
Work can be sexy, too!

I hope I can help you to find all the items, cute, smart or sexy, but always classy to make your AV work better for you.

Love Karina x

SecondLife Face
Karina Farleigh

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