White mini for summer? Coldlogic does it again.

Coldlogic have always been one of my favourites. Their quality is superb and whilst not everything is to my taste, I can always find something new to love in their store.

Coldlogic outfit
Short, snug linen skirt “brocco” and breezy, loose crop top “bennie”, with Essenz strappy sandals “Mumbai”

This is the brocco skirt in dove white. White is a funny color in SL, it can sometimes appear washed out and lacking in detail, but the linen like texture of this skirt is pretty good. The front especially exudes lovely detail and I know I *always* get creases like these if I wear a snug-fitting linen miniskirt. The wraparound feature looks neat and isn’t overdone. The length is nice and short, but not stupid. I’d wear this in RL!

I really love this outfit, it gives off the feeling of a sexy, tight skirt but also something that can be worn on a hot summers day and not feel all clammy in! Coldlogic on point.

Outfit front
Sexy but cool. The tight linen mini is complimented nicely by the flowing soft crop top
Outfit rear
Shows off my curves really well, without exaggerating them or making me look slutty (difficult for a curvy girl!)
Skirt detail front
Note the nice creases that come with wearing a tight-fitting skirt. Wraparound detail is nice.
Skirt detail rear
Makes my rear look snug and the linen detail isn’t lost in the white color. Typically a hard thing to do in SL!
Shoe detail side/rear
Essenz “Mumbai” Strappy sandals with nice detail
Shoe detail front
Sexy and crisp, clean lines. These make tan feet look so hot!
SecondLife Face
Karina Farleigh 2015

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