It seems I’m built for comfort *and* speed!

Valentina E. Built For Speed AD_1

So I’ve been revisiting Valentina E. (V.E.), she has come up with some awesome maitreya items recently which really look great on some dangerous curves; since my last update I’ve toned myself up (and went a lil thin-crazy),  but have gained a little weight again. I’ve also updated to a Logo mesh head (but more about that elsewhere). This is the first in a few reviews of Valentina’s newer stuff…

Snapshot_004This is “Built for Speed” which I was initially a bit meh about. Once I tried it on it was a different story. The style and textures are so much nicer when worn and the sporty stripe means I can even wear this with sneakers or down the beach!

I’m really into the sexy, tight longer skirts and dresses at the moment. I will always love the minis and micros, but they can be a little similar to eachother and it’s easy to look slutty in them. Midi and longer outfits are much harder to create and I prefer to show off my curves to the max!

alpha front leg
Right at the top of the knee, a little alpha poke

The downside is quite a bit of alpha needs to be turned on (also I have bodyfat turned up to 24).

From just above my waist, down to just above my knee in this case. It’s automatic so easy enough to add/remove without hassle.

This is a bit unavoidable in the leg department anyway, the dilemma of all fitmesh knee-length skirts; “do I show thigh poking thru or alpha?”

Well in this case it’s definitely better to show alpha as it’s only a small amount (see pic) and I have fairly chunky thighs so I would show more flesh (in all the wrong way).




I particularly like the way she makes the butt look so natural and the creases and stretch marks really do make it look like I’m wearing two sizes too small (but the people in my life prefer this on me, so who am I to argue?). The texture and shape hardly distorts at all and it always looks good from any angle.


Next up I have another item from VE which I’ll be reviewing further and it’s my favourite of Valentina’s yet!


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