Yo Mesh Heads, I’m Logo’d Out! (look what the Catwa dragged in!)

So just when I thought I was beautiful (tchya!), along came Kittykat (yah you know who

you are!) and told me *all* about Catwa and Pink Fuel appliers. Oh my GOD, what have you done?

It’s not you Logo, it’s Me

No disrespect to Logo, I really found their heads stunning. I had a little hiccup with their “Sadie” version, it really didn’t fly for me. The textures and skins just didn’t seem right in certain light. Huh!


Chloe looked the bomb tho – or so I thought….

Catwa is here and I cannot say it properly

Enter Catwa “Amy” I never thought I could love myself!

Catwa and Pink Fuel

Make Up to Break Up

Ok so where do I go from here? Actually, I went to Pink Fuel and got a hold of their appliers. “Morgana” which was quite cool and allows facial “contouring” if you wanna Kim it up, but PF “Bambi” (at the Kawaii Project right now) is just awesome! I love the color and textures right down to the freckles and dimples!

…so this extra blush makes it look like I’m really flushed! Usually Merlot has this effect on me (or, um “excercise”!). Bonus:  I’m able to re-use my Logo HD eyes as they’re Omega-compatible!


Hair is “Elise” by DeLa and I am lovin’ their colors and textures (more on that in another post, but thanks again Kitty!)

The Catwa interface is kinda ok, a little strange at first but it’s probably because it allows custom textures and tinting which makes it a little tougher than, say Logo. More freedom, more work. The eyebrows are cool. although I messed up something in Morgana and now they’re HUGE things. At last the “blonde” ones are realistic (not the crazy cream colored ones of Logo)

So I then applied some really different looks from the girl-next-door, right thru smouldering, scary, to downright slutty. It was all in my palette! Deesses boutique have some nice, inexpensive appliers which work quite well (not all are demoable tho). Can you spot my nasty biatch eyebrows!

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In so far as animations, maybe Catwa is a little behind Logo here. Plus the expressions/moods are a little pricey (more than the head!). They’re cool though and especially if you RP they really come into their own.


SO I’ve reinvented myself twice in a few weeks. Can you say EXPENSIVE

*Edit* Make that reinvented several times. Catwa have such a lot of add-on appliers. Some work, some are meh. It’s a bit hit and miss, as you can’t really tell with many, until you’ve bought them (I’ve made mistakes). Anyhoo, I found some gorgeous appliers at Shiny Stuffs that aren’t expensive and the lip gloss shades are sooooo sexy. I also grabbed some Euphoric lashes – these are the smaller “Natural” version for normal use, there are some heavier ones “Vanity” which are totally slutty for when you need a BIG impact!

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Hair is the supersoft & supersexy “Deja” by Truth


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