She Loves Me, She Loves Me Knit

Knitted dresses. It’s that time of the year when for most people there’s a whole lot of cosiness going on. I’ve been looking up and down my favorite stores and have come up with three really hot, chic and sexy dresses that also fit the season.

I’m done with the crazy slutty dresses and prefer something that’s both  realistic and sexy, something I’d wear myself if I was feeling, well, a little daring.


Three of my go to stores at the moment have some hot dresses; V.E. “Argyle”, Addams’ “Maria” and “Celine” by Evani and to accent these I chose the boots; “Idaho” and “Tallinn” from Essenz and Empire’s “Aquilegia”

Lastly, the hair is “Deja”, “Sugar”, “Arabella” and “Tyne” (all by Truth)

First up is Addams’ “Maria” a more contemporary dress with some subtle detail and HUD-powered options, a really nice touch. I’m also wearing Muka over-knee socks, as well as the gorgeous Idaho boots by Essenz, with the nice turn-down cuffs

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The ribbed skirt and cuffs can be changed with the single-color version, the fatpack gets more options. The hood is also detachable if your hair doesn’t suit (another nice Addams touch)

The detail continues around the butt area and I love the inside hood area. The creases, shading and stretches are subtle and realistic and don’t try too hard or overdo things.

This is a great sexy little short dress, that can be worn casual with sneakers or dressed up with heels. It needs very little alpha, which I also like.

Next is Evani’s “Celine” dress which is a classic, simple design but with some cool touches.

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This has a more defined rib effect and accentuates my curves really well. There’s a nice cool lattice lace-up detail on the chest, which also stops it gaping. I have the stunning over-knee Empire boots “Aquilegia” which look so sexy, without being OTT. Being Empire they’re also in a host of colors which work with any of these dresses.

This is a nice fitting dress, but it does need a lot of alpha to stop me spilling out. I do like the lines and the rear has an especially sexy little detail which – ok I admit – I overdid for these shots by bending over, but it shows you how it looks and it’s awesome when I walk.

Last but no way least is the V.E. “Argyle” dress which I adore. There is something about the way Valentina hugs my figure that works so well.

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Sometimes a patterned dress can be hard to pull off, as the pattern can distort. Not with this one as you can see, I’m quite bendy. It’s subtle and sexy whilst being a bit longer than the others. I would so wear this on a daily basis.

The pattern always holds true and the skirt doesn’t bunch up like a lot of other mid-thigh dresses. I was mindful of buying just another knitted mini-dress, but I really like the extra detail like the strap across the chest.

Also V.E. *always* makes my butt look freakin’ awesome, just look at that subtle shape and shading. I have a bubble butt, but a sexy one in “Argyle” 😊


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