Bubble Butt

I’m not skinny. We established that fact a *long* time ago.


Whilst I’m not a fan of “Kim” she did make it OK to have a round ass and flaunt it. SL gives me the perfect chance to do just that and it’s even made me so that in RL too. Nice.

I’ve heard all the terms before Pawg, Whooty, but I am just what I am. After teenage years struggling with diets and trying to fit the “norm” I’m starting to like myself through SL so if it helps, then it’s not all bad, huh?

Anyhoo, trying to find something classy or even sexy for a big butt can result in some bad moves. Recommendations (and trial end error) for the better stores have brought some awesome designs to light. These are a few of my favorites from Tetra, Addams, Rebel Gal and V.E.

I love each of these for different reasons. Addams and Rebel Gal get the shape so sexy and clingy without losing any of my own body shape. Tetra and V.E. do wonders with their lighting and textures. They’re all SO darn hot

I’ll start with Tetra as they’re so cool, if hidden away near Kustom 9 in a fairly small store.

Their current stuff fits so well and looks mmmmf, I was delighted when they brought out a pencil, knee-length skirt (there are SO few of these that work well). When I saw they had the mini skirt in the same pack, it was a no-brainer to fatpack it (although if I’m really critical, some of the colors are a little meh)

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The detail is akin to a silky, satin stretch material which looks similar to an earlier Addams skirt (except that one was higher waisted with cutouts that didn’t work with everything).

See how the material seems to cling to my curves, there’s a little wobble at the rear, but that’s workable and the rest works so well I can forgive her this!

The mini skirt also works so well and looks good in black, it doesn’t lose any shape or shading because of that. Also is a cool size for stockings, I can just about wear them with this without looking (too) slutty!

I’m also wearing the Tetra lace-up wool sweater which has an awesome little leather belt that works really well with some of the joins of different garments that sometimes don’t always quite match up (especially high-waist items and crop tops)

Talking of high waist items, these Addams “Laura” jeans are to die for.

When I saw them I immediately knew they would suit my shape well. Skinnier girls just don’t look the same in these!

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I would live in these jeans, the color is so cool (although I have many others) and the shape and detail is soooo close to what they would look like on me in RL. Whilst I’m not skinny, I work out a lot and keep toned and firm (although I am squishy all over!)

I feel so “me” in these and even tho I know they don’t leave much to the imagination when it comes to my shape, they’re still classy and can be dressed up or down.

Second pants are some really cool “Dot” leggings from Rebel Gal. Ive not used them for a little while, but boy do these pants deliver. They have a great lace-up design on the front, but the detail, creasing and shape look superb.

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The shading and material gives off a satin-like sheen and the detail around the thigh and buttock area is so realistic looking. They do look like they may split if I were to sit down, but hey that’s a curvy girl’s lot in life, huh?

The smooth but means I surely must be wearing a string underneath (or nothing at all!) and the way the thigh stretches and gathers a little over my legs is awesome. The zipper is another nice detail especially at the lower end. Such cool and hot pants!

Finally are V.E. who really are one of the masters of making a big butt look hot.

They tend to show more of a smoothed butt area with less emphasis on butt cheek creases which lends a slightly thicker material look, drawn taut!

The first of two outfits here, “Helene” is one of my all-time favorite outfits and has a great knee-length pencil skirt that was one of the first that fits as well as it looks. The bustier top I can either wear loose without a bra, or with my boobs pushed up for maximum cleavage.

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Such good use of shading is done here coupled with subtle creasing and tautness of the material. It doesn’t look like these skirts would stretch very well and I would be real careful sitting or getting in and out of my car!

The second V.E. outfit (I have SO many V.E. dresses that I had to include two, but I could have listed a dozen) is “Sideways” which is a super sexy mini dress (a little too short for stockings, though some guys like that slutty look).

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I prefer the look with a nice sheer pantyhose, as I really don’t get why some guys like the tops of stockings showing, it seems kinda weird but whatever works for you!

I realise the style is a little summery for the winter scene here but the gathered back, coupled with the taut butt area (you can almost see my cellulite!) are a detail I’ve not seen on many dresses – too many seem to be hosed over in water and are way too clingy, this hugs the right areas and yet leaves a gaping back and a hot sideboob show!



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