Undercover Story.

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So my ass got big. And I needed to show it off. It was only a matter of time before I did a lingerie update. First off, I should say my shape has changed a little since the last post to reflect a little reality. I used to be an athlete (I know, right?) and after I stopped full time training my weight ballooned to 180lbs. I’m now back down to around 100 but started strength training a while back and found I could sculpt my curves using a waist trainer. I weigh a little more, but I have way less body fat (tho I have to increase this in SL to get the shape I want!), my butt is firmer (and a little larger) but my waist and belly are smaller.

Anyways the reality of lingerie is plain and simple in SL; Applier or Mesh?

Well there’s a coupla reasons to think about this one. If you’re into great detail and want to look your best, then mesh is by far the way to go, BUT there is a limit to what you can wear over mesh lingerie. Not much works.

So appliers pro’s; They’re cheap (or they should be!) they always fit and they work well under mesh clothing. Con’s are mainly the look and quality. From a distance they look real cool but nobody wants to see washed-out spray-on underwear, it just looks, well, a little odd!


The alternative is mesh, which can look awesome, has great color and detail but limited on what you can wear this underneath (of course you can just cheat and when you “undress” you actually just wear an underwear outfit, but even so…)

Limitations can be in fit also. Sometimes the curvier figure can break the fit and make it look bad.



These are by Stories&Co and whilst the top is real cool, soft looking, you can see my figure spills out. I have zero belly, but a 30 fat setting which ruins this.

Snapshot_067_006Not a good look.

That said, if done right (Erratic, I love you) mesh cannot be beaten.

Here are some of my favorite mesh lingerie from Erratic. They ain’t cheap, but MAN they good!

Erratic Valentina corset

The detail is real great, look at this…


Having banged on about mesh, stockings work well as applier and can also compliment the mesh look as these do. Make sure you nip your waist and belly so that you get the full corset effect. There are a couple of mesh stockings which look awesome, Reign Kitty are one of these. Stockings are old school, I feel like a prostitute when I wear them (which is rarely!) but my man thinks they’re uber hawt, so….

I know beach and opaque stockings are just strange, but I was short of time, ok? These are the awesome Big Beautiful Doll “Jezebel” and despite the name sounding like they’re for BBW only, I think they look hawt!


Dat ass tho

Brings me onto Erratic. What can I say? Damn they expensive for undies, but man I seriously love them!

Erratic Celeste bra, knickers and bodysuit in a cute but sexy pink with a lot of see-thru lace!


The thong is awesome, can u see it?

Erratic “Diana” also looks awesome with curvy figures. The soft-support lace means there’s a lot of jigglin’ goin on and pearl gusset just gives me a thrill each time I dance (no really, I tried these in RL and they’re wow!)

So, whilst the appliers are a quick n easy fix, there’s no substitute for a hot mesh set…




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