Jean Jeanie. The Megapost

There are a lot of jeans in SL. Make that A LOT. Finding your way through them can be an expensive nightmare and as in RL, there are things to look out for if your curves are dangerous. I didn’t realize just how many pairs I have until I started this post. There are lots, so this post is a long one!

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Featuring hot and cool jeans from; Evani, Kitja, Fame Femme, Vallena, Maitreya, CandyDoll, Blueberry, Addams

Whilst I really *do* want my shape to be flaunted I don’t want it messed around with and some pants need too much alpha, but others can leave way too much junk in the trunk!

Baseline; So in this post I’m wearing the same shoes (Essenz “Corsica” in sand) top (Pixicat “Linn Nr1” in white) and hair is Dela “Elise”). For ease of comparison, I also used the same pose thru the shoot.

Kitja “Karina”

These are stunning jeans, they need very little if no alpha at all with the slight downside that they’re a little bulky. This does mean some mesh lingerie can be concealed underneath,although they must be tiny panties! (I’m wearing a string with these)

Karina detail

A litte bit of bulk around the ass, and there’s a degree of gap around the waist and join. This means any shirts which lay on top of the jeans will probably get messed up. Cropped tops and tucked shirts only with these!

Kitja “Jess”

Well I bought these on impulse and I’m not sure about the at all. The design of adding in leather means it adds too much bulk and makes me look like a weightlifter. I love my thick look, but this adds too much

Jess Detail

Nice ripped detail is awesome, but the leather adds too much bulk

Fame Femme “Terry”

These are a spin on the newer high-waisted jeans, that really look better with sneakers but I’m comparing like with like, so… They’re cool, but they needs too much alpha added and as you can see below, I still have some belly poking thru. Nice detail is the visible panty line effect at the rear (who doesn’t like a lil VPL!) but the downside to that is that it appears to flatten the butt a touch

Terry Detail

Cool VPL detail but the front need too much alpha and my 30-fat setting is too much for Terry to handle!

Maitreya “Zipper Skinny #5”

Mmm well Maitreya should know how to fit their bodies and they don’t disappoint. Perhaps a little lacking in detail (they’re expensive) would be my only critique and maybe they should stand out a little more. They are a “meshed” rework of their earlier item, so maybe a fresh design is needed? tho I fear Maitreya are just happy to sell their (wonderful) body now, with so little new apparel.

Zipper #5 detail

Maitreya number five! Fit is superb (as you’d expect), slightly bubble-but looking at the rear on close up but the faded denim really has a worn look to it.

Evani “Emily”

Man you are asking for attention if you wear these. I’m not really sure why you would ever want to go outside with your pants undone, but if it’s guy (or girl!) action you’re looking for then these won’t disappoint and it IS SL after all! Cool colors means you can really feel summery in these pants (they look kinda thin denim if you know what I mean?). Downside is the implant-lookin’ butt…. c’mon, really?

Emily detail

Really cool belt detail but that trunk has too much junk, it sticks out like I got me a bucket of botox in there! Emily has a real fat ass!

Evani “Wendy II”

Oh now these are just so cool. Classy high-waist works so elegantly, and sets off the rip. While the rear is maybe a little too smooth, these are roomy enough to be able to pack away some mesh lingerie underneath (again, no bigger than a string but hey it’s there). The huge rip in the knee is actually fake skin under there, which is ironic as I dont need any alpha under there so I could use my own. The color matches are ok, but if you use a high-res body with lots of detail then seeing your own legs would be better. Still, way cool.

Wendy II detail

Gorgeous high waist detail and smoothed rear without all that bulk the “Emily” version has (the pockets are low set which gives a different look to the butt). Awesome ripped knee looks great.

Evani “Tiffany”

A really cool basic kinda jean, little like “Emily” but zipped up! Something you can wear casually with sneakers or slut-it-up, with some towering heels. The butt detail is maybe a touch heavy, especially in the light colors, but that’s a harsh criticism and the creased-stretched and taut fronts give the impresson of a thin, summer denim and really make it look like I had a struggle to get these lil guys on. Again perhaps a little less junk in the tunk would make these look smoother.

Tiffany detail

Creases across the front for that super-taut look, shame the butt has way too much overhang and needs to get on a diet! Overall a pretty, sexy jean which is let down by it’s exaggerated rear.

Blueberry “Melanie”

Blueberry got so good. I know she does a lot of barely-wearable stuff that would get you arrested, but hey that’s what SL is about, right? These are actually low-key for Blue and I think they look incredible. The ripped detail and the curvy rear (which doesn’t stick out too far) means these really look the part. Flip flops for summer days, or heels for the evenings means these can be very versatile

Melanie detail

Such a cool fit, the smoothed rear still has some neat detail and makes me look uber-rounded. The high-waist tops fit my shape so well.

Blueberry “Pizza” (ya, those are my trouble)

Such a cool set of colors and detail means these low-cut jeans hang just right. Minimal alpha needed, they are a real close fir (so no mesh panties!) means they look super smooth on my shape. The distressed look is really hot.

Pizza detail

Nice shape and super-tight fir across the tummy area needs relatively little alpha for my curvy 30-fat size. Butt area looks chunky, but realistic.

Blueberry “Tali”

I love Tali and they were my favorite high-waisted jean for a long time. Super tight looking they have the appearance of a nicely worn-in set of summer denims and there is the choice of slightly different “cutie bootie” or “blueberry bootie” altho there is minimal change, it’s nice to have an option.

Tali detail

Great detail, even on dark colors which can sometimes be hard to pull off. These work well with crop tops or certain tucked shirts and tops, really nice stretchy creases. The curving, low front aspect of the jean is slightly too much IMO, if you have a small belly it exaggerates it too much and means it’s hard to team with any tucked shirts.

Blueberry “Tink”

Tink detail

Villena “Distorted Boyfriend” (aha, had plenty of those!)

Villena have some really funky streetwear that can sometimes bit a lil quirky, but they always have a lot of detail the quality is high. I love these jeans even tho they are a touch chunky (I can wear my string underneath, can ya see?). They’re a little baggier and again the ripped detail has a skin hud to match to, which is ok, but again would probably work with my own body showing as it needs little alpha.

Distorted Boyfriend detail

Cool looking, but unzipped *all* the way. Really? I think I’d like it if they were just kinda halfway up, too tight to zip up, but WTF let’s rock that look! Ass is somewhat bigger, but then these jeans are more boyfriend than spray-on.

Villena “Distressed Skinny” (aha, me as a teenager!)

Super-cool and elegant high-waisted jean which can be worn in the evening even tho they have huge rips in them. Team them with patent colorful heels and a low cut, loose tank with no bra for a perfect juxtaposition of quality and sluttiness! Slimming from the front, the butt area is a little large and is outside of my own (very curvy) shape.

Distressed Skinny detail

Slimming effect of the front high waistline is offset by the fairly huge butt. Nice fit at the waist, even with a 30-fat setting (tho I have tiny belly, I do work out lots)

Villena “Superskinny Distessed”

Quite similar to the skinny jean above, they’re tight, but don’t really seem to be *that* “superskinny”, in fact they’re a little bulky. The ripped knee section is really cool and the skin-match hud works well (again, my own skin could have worked with this with some cutaways)

Superskinny Distressed detail

CandyDoll Keisha

Hmm, these really are a little lightweight in the company of villena, addams et al, but I kinda liked them at the time. They’re quite skinny and give me a gap-between-the-thighs, but need way too much alpha so lose your shape totally. I’ve had these some time, quite a disappointment and just don’t cut it anymore. The rip has a color hud but the denim is all kinda fuzzy.

Keisha detail

Cool enough, but fuzzy denim and the lack of detail at the rear, really lets this design down. I did love the ripped effect, but things have moved on now and these are definitely in the little-league.

Addams Ornella (man o man!)

Addams kills it again. These are just to die for! There is little I can say except “just look at them” Super-curvy they really set a larger figure off without needing much alpha but also no bulk. They seem to be a second skin, they really do. The detail is awesome and these are just my go-to jean for all seasons and occasions. The different colors of the fatpack will keep you satisfied for a long time. None better in SL than these atm

Ornella detail

Fit is super-tight and detail is so cool and looks like I’ve been laying on the floor struggling into these for about an hour. The butt look is SO smooth, it’s rounded perfection without any jarring edges or bulk sticking out. This IS me.

Addams “Flora”

My shape doesn’t sit well with flared jeans, they shorten my legs too much, but these just about work for me. Better with flats again for comparison I left the same shoes on. The belt detail is optional and works real well with a nice summer top.

Flora detail

The butt detail is just right and was my favorite until the killer “Ornella” appeared. Fit is close to my skin, even a curvy shape works well

Addams “Real Worn Out”

Kind of a low-rider version of my favorite “Ornella” these are one set of distressed curvy denim that will get you into all kindsa trouble. The super tight look means they work so well as evening wear even in a ripped-up light color. Pair them with a real classy, expensive top and killer heels.

Real Work Out detail

Butt area is detailed and curvy without being too big, fit is super-nice with no gaps and very little alpha meaning your true form shows thru. Cool.

Addams “Lixie”

One of the first of the new phase of fitmesh jeans I’ve had these a long time, but they still look cool. The uber-sexy waist chain adds to the slightly-slutty look and complements the low-riders so well. Killer heels also required here.

Lixie detail

Super-cool chain is separate and works with other low-cut jeans. Butt is a little angular in comparison with later Addams, but still streets ahead of most. Ripped version just has colors underneath not skin, which is odd (the same-color denim below just looks kinda like a blank hole with no leg undeneath!)

All the devilish detail

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